Capoeira for All @ LIPA University

“On the 29th of March, 2017, we held a brilliant Master Class for Liverpool’s Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) aimed to give students a taste of the amazing Afro-Brazilian arts form, Capoeira. Our session focused on developing skills that are easier to be felt though music, intuition, improvisation and a reciprocal bond in play, rather than learned through a pre-set format.”

As well as developing new skills, we also aimed to exhibit the energy and passion that makes Capoeira such a rich and unique art form. The students took really well to this, giving comments such as “there’s so much energy!” and “It’s so different and fun!”.


Contact Info

Capoeira for All CIC, Toxteth TV, 37-45 Windsor Street, Liverpool, L8 1XE

Phone: 07821 372 543 / 07881 735 667


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